05 Apr 2022

The Best Things to do in Rimini, Italy

Why not head to the seaside resort on Italy’s Adriatic coast for a change of pace? Rimini is renowned for the best beaches in Europe, due to its long stretch of white sandy beaches. As well as the stunning beaches, Rimini has a variety of hotels, bars, restaurants, and attractions. Therefore, thousands of tourists flock here all year round to soak up the sun. Rimini also boasts some of the best ancient Roman artefacts and structures too!

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Italia in Miniatura

An arched bridge across the water at Italia in Miniatura. Some gondolas can be seen on the water, and there are buildings in the background.

Enjoy a family fun day out at the Italia in Miniatura! Since 1970 the park has been open to visitors all year round and is a real national institute. The adventure park boasts 273 small-scale architectural wonders of the most important buildings. Some wonders include miniature Italian and European buildings, jewels, and exclusive attractions such as Venice. The Venice attraction is by far the best, and the 1:5 scale replica is accessible via gondola!

Moreover, a tailored attraction called Scuola Guida Interattiva (Interactive Driving School) allows children aged 6 to 12 to experience driving and achieve a mini license at the end. There are also water cannons so you can re-enact a medieval scene and you can hop on the monorail for a complete view of the park.

Opening Times: Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm. Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6.30pm.

Location: Italia in Miniatura Via Popilia239, Rimini, Italy.

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Oltremare theme park

A dolphin jumping up out of the water.

Explore the marine world and the wonders of nature at Oltremare theme park. Located on an area of 100,000 square metres, the park offers a wide range of interactive activities and shows for children and adults. The park first opened in 2004, and its most famous feature is the Dolphin Lagoon, the largest exhibition in Europe. There are a whole host of educational and fun experiences where you can learn all about the animals and get up close to them. Some of which include the Dolphin Lagoon as previously stated, the Valley of the birds of prey, Rainbow Flight of the forest parrots and many more.

The Oltremare amusement park prides itself on being dedicated to the world of nature and with this in mind, it offers a variety of interactive programs suitable for children. Whether it’s sleeping amongst the dolphins, riding ponies or on the hunt for nuggets, the amusement park caters to all.

If you’re feeling more adventurous why not head over to the Delta Adventure Park and enjoy adrenaline-packed fun high in the treetops, on suspended vines and across the Tibetan bridges! When you’ve had enough of the activities you can wind down in the theatre which offers 600 square feet of maxi screen cinema fun.

Opening Times: Daily from 10am – 6pm

Location: Oltremare, Viale Ascoli Piceno, 6, 47838, Riccione, Italy

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The Arch of Augustus

Tourists on bikes pictured in front of the The Arch of Augustus, a large brown brick wall with an arch built into it.

Take a break from the theme parks and witness Rimini’s Ancient Roman monument, Acro d’Augusto. The stone archway was constructed in 27BC for Rome’s first emperor. Furthermore, the arch is considered to have been the gateway to Ancient Rimini and would have originally formed part of the city’s wall. Additionally, it was also built for travellers who would access the city from Via Flaminia, additionally connecting Rimini to the capital, Rome.

Moreover, the Roman triumphal arch is extremely rare and is the oldest of its kind in Northern Italy. The architecture of the arch is quite fascinating, as it is built in blocks of Istrian stone, with a single arch of 8.84 metres. Additionally, it lies on two half-columns with fluted stems and Corinthian capitals. Not only is the monument noted for its historical importance but also for its religious connotations. The ornate structure depicts various Roman deities including Apollo, Neptune, and Jupiter.

Location: Corso d’Augusto, 47923 Rimini RN

Ponte Di Tiberius

The Ponte Di Tiberius bridge, a white bridge with five arches under it, across the water in Rimini, with surrounding buildings.

The Ponte di Tiberius is a Roman bridge and together with the Arch of Augustus, it is considered the most representative monument in the city. The bridge was first built in 14BC, at the end of Emperor Augustus’ reign, and was not completed until 21BC. In honour of the change of emperors during the bridge’s construction, both Augustus and Tiberius are named on the bridge.

In addition, the bridge was built using Istrian stone and marked the beginning of two important Roman roads, Via Aemilia towards Piacenza and Via Popilia-Annita towards Aquileia. Over the years, the bridge has survived many battles and natural disasters, not to mention the risk of being destroyed in World War II. One such attempt to destroy the bridge took place in 1944 when Germany attempted to destroy all the bridges on the Marecchia River. However, the Bridge of Tiberius resisted every attempt at destruction. Today, the bridge remains open for tourists and pedestrian traffic.

Location: Viale Tiberio, 47921 Rimini RN

Rimini City Museum

The stone building of the Rimini City Museum with an outdoor courtyard.

When visiting Rimini, the city museum is a must! You’ll learn all about the ancient Roman city and see other aspects of Rimini’s history. The museum is enclosed with 40 galleries with over 1500 works of art from various local historical artists. On the ground floor, you’ll find that the work there is dedicated to Renè Gruau, a famous contemporary fashion designer.

Additionally, if you venture out into the garden courtyard, you’ll find Roman Lapidary with around 100 Roman inscriptions. In a separate section of the courtyard, there is a dedication to the Italian movie director and screenwriter Frederico Fellini.

Whilst you’re there you can also watch a glimpse of Fellini’s movie scenes from “Libro dei sogni”. Moreover, the archaeological section of the museum is located in the cellar which displays Rimini’s prehistoric artefacts all the way up to late antiquity times.

Location: Via Luigi Tonini, 1, 47921 Rimini RN

Fun Fact: Originally the museum served as a hospital in the 18th century and early 20th century.

Castel Sismondo

The dark brick Sismondo castle, with water ponds infront.

Designed by Sismando Malatesta, Lord of Rimini, and Filippo Brunelleschi, the Sismondo Castle dates back to the 1400’s. Built to display Malatesta’s power and prestige, However, the 15th-century castle is only a fraction of the original size of what was once a majestic structure.

The castle was located in the centre of the grounds surrounded by high walls that played a major role in the city’s defence. 160 windows, six towers, and a deep moat once surrounded the castle, accompanied by four drawstring bridges.

Today you can visit the castle and see the remains of what once was, including a small part of the original structure that still stands and depictions of the original palace, which can be seen on the bronze medallion by Matteo de’ Pasti in the chapel of relics.

Location: Piazza Malatesta, 47900 Rimini RN.

Rimini’s Beaches

Sun beds and shades along the beach in Rimini. The sun sets in the background.

Rimini is not only a city is with an abundance of ancient monuments but is also a tourist hotspot due to its beautiful beaches and resorts, which have been attracting holidaymakers since 1843. The beaches are open all year round. Along the promenade, you’ll find a fitness area with tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, games for children and other sporting equipment.


A large group of people in a club with live music and strobe lights.

Known as Italy’s premier party spot, Rimini has a high number of bars and clubs to party the night away in. During the peak seasons of mid-June to August, the clubs are open throughout the week. On off-seasons, you’ll expect the clubs to just be open on the weekends. Entry fees for popular nightclubs can vary from 10-20 euros and the price usually includes a welcome drink. The cost of drinks inside is pretty reasonable and the shots are around 3 euros!

Best clubs to visit:

  • Carnaby. Address: Viale Brindisi, 20, Rimini
  • Baia Imperiale. Address: Via Panoramica, 1, Gabbice Mare, Rimini
  • Coconuts. Address: via Lungomare Tintori, 5, Rimini.
  • Velvet. Address: Via Santa Aquilina, 21, La Cerbaiola RN
  • Altromondo. Address: Via Flaminia, 358, Rimini
  • Life. Address: Viale Regina margherita 11, Rimini.

Top Tip: Check out the club’s website to verify opening times and promotions before you go.

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