31 Mar 2021

Arthur’s Seat – A Sneak… Peak Of The Views Of Edinburgh

It doesn’t usually take much to persuade someone about the beauty of Edinburgh. It is a city that can fulfil everyone’s requirements as a holiday destination, especially those looking for adventures and green hills. In Edinburgh, you don’t have to look far away for it; Arthur’s Seat is comfortably situated right in the middle of it and it is waiting for you to explore it!

Scotland is largely known for the Highlands and its vast green landscapes that one has to visit to believe it. As its capital, Edinburgh could not but live up to Scotland’s reputation when it comes to its natural wonders.

When in Edinburgh, an escape in nature is never far away, and Arthur’s Seat plays a determining role in that. Even better, the famous hill offers unbelievable views of the city that make you lose track of space… and time!

Edinburgh is the city founded on the magnificent seven… hills, and this one is one of the greatest to explore!

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The view of Arthur’s Seat

The name…

Arthur’s Seat has definitely got you thinking about King Arthur and there’s good reason for that. Even though Arthur’s Seat wasn’t the location of the Round Table, it was probably one of the legend’s major inspirations.

Located at the bottom of the Royal Mile, it is a sight that you cannot but notice. Its magnificence, rising amidst the cityscape, is breath-taking and sometimes even intimidating. Even more positively overwhelming is the grandeur of the views it offers, but to get to the top, we still have some way to go.

Shorter and bigger cliffs create a natural wonder!

Its name makes it sound like a single cliff, but you will soon realise that it is much more than that. Arthur’s Seat is located in Holyrood Park, which is full of shorter and bigger cliffs, countless path walks and abundant vegetation. In fact, the “Seat” itself is probably a reference to the notch between the peak and another smaller hill of this legendary landmark.

Oh, have you ever wanted to climb on a volcano? You can scratch it off your bucket list once you visit Arthur’s Seat! Yes, this rocky formation that is now covered in green was a volcano that eroded more than 300 million years ago. Nowadays, you can enjoy the view of its rocky outcrops called Samson’s Ribs or climbing up the steep Salisbury Crags and the herbaceous Whinny Hill before reaching the peak.

The way to the top…

There are plenty of paths that will get you to the summit. If it’s your first visit to Arthur’s Seat, just follow the sign starting from Holyrood Park and you will soon reach the final destination. While you may not see any other signs on your way up, the summits 250m height will make it easy for you to reach all the way up there.

Depending on your physical conditions, you might need to take a couple of short breaks, but do not give up. Once you get to the top, the view will be your biggest reward. Indeed, a breath-taking panoramic view of Edinburgh is waiting for you at the highest point of the city!

The finale…

It is finally time to let those sneakers get some rest, take a deep breath of fresh air and your cameras off your bags. But before you do that, take an extra moment to appreciate the view with your own eyes.

The view of Portobello beach

From each angle and point you stand, a different part of the city will unravel in front of you. The Edinburgh Castle and the busy streets of the New Town on the one side, and the golden reflection of the sun on Portobello’s sea on the other. Calton Hill, the Shore and the Pentlands are some more of the city’s landmarks that you can just sit and gaze at for hours whilst enjoying that snack you were smart enough to pack with you!

Don’t forget to make a stop by the lochs!

Nearby, you will also see Holyrood Park’s lochs, St Margaret’s Loch, Dunsapie and Duddingston Loch. You will also notice the reflection of St Anthony’s Chapel Ruins in St Margaret’s Loch, so do pay a visit on your way down for a last quick click with that camera.

Some extra points…

Hopefully, you will have that extra energy and enthusiasm to visit the lochs and the little friends you will find there. Certainly, there will be plenty of dogs playing or running alongside the joggers, but you can always stay in the company of the beautiful swans swimming in these quaint ponds in-between and around the hills.

Salisbury Crags offers an equally rewarding view of the city

However, if you do not enjoy hiking that much, a shorter visit to Salisbury Crags will also compensate you for your effort. This sharply sloped cliff, rising like a fortress around the rest of the hills and notches of the Park, offers equally satisfying views of the city’s scenery. Much easier to reach, especially on a windy day, it leaves you with no reason to think twice before visiting Edinburgh’s gem in all weathers!

Rain or shine…or snow; Arthur’s Seat is a must!

On less windy days, there is no better option than to visit Arthur’s seat and locals are very much aware of it. That is why you will see hundreds of people sitting alone or with their friends, with a book or a coffee in their hands, all around the place. Some people prefer lying on the grassy land, others sitting on a rock to better enjoy the view; either way, it is the place to be!

One last tip: no matter how good the weather is, pack an extra jacket, as it is always windy at the top!

On your way back to the city centre, you can always pay a visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Queen’s official residence.

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