21 Jul 2022

Explore Lisbon on a Budget!

Want to learn how to have a great time in Lisbon on a budget? The fantastic Jump Into the Map bloggers, Jason and Sekai, have written this handy guide full of great tips! If you enjoy this guest post, make sure to check out their blog for more travel articles.

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Lisbon, Portugal’s gorgeous capital, is one of Europe’s most charismatic and vibrant cities. It is a city that seamlessly integrates traditional legacy with startling modernism and forward-thinking thought. Lisbon, as a vacation destination, has a rich and varied history, a vibrant nightlife, and a pleasant year-round environment. Now, can this fantastic city be explored on a budget? Of course!


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Choosing when to fly to Lisbon is very important as the price differs depending on when you fly. The cheapest times to travel to Lisbon are March-May or September-October. We recommend booking flights to Lisbon when companies such as easyJet have offers.


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Finding a hotel just outside of the city centre with amazing transport links will greatly reduce the price of your stay. While in Lisbon, we personally stayed at easyHotel Lisbon which was a 5-minute walk from Maquês de Pombal station. This station took us to the city centre within 2 minutes, and was affordable.


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To do Lisbon on a budget, we highly recommend creating an itinerary. This will allow you to budget prior to the trip and help you to monitor your spendings while on the trip. However, do leave some room for spontaneity!

Free walking tours

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When exploring Lisbon through free walking tours you will get shown around the city centre, discover hidden gems and get great recommendations from the local guides. We recommend carrying some cash, to tip the guides out of courtesy.

Other activities

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There are endless activities to do while in Lisbon, ensure to book in advance to receive online discounts.


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In Lisbon, you can buy 24hour travel cards which vary  in price depending on the type of transport you need to use. Hence, the importance of an itinerary. You can plan to visit areas and sights that are near each other all in the same day to make the most out of your travel card. Otherwise, bring comfy shoes if you plan to walk as the city is full of hills!


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Your tastebuds will really enjoy the flavours in Lisbon. The best and cheapest way to eat your way through Lisbon is through Portuguese tapas. This not only allows you to try multiple different dishes, but you can share them with your travel buddy! This cuts the cost of eating out as you are paying for a collection of small plates, rather than large individual meals.

In summary, Lisbon is an amazing city that can be explored on a budget. Although the city is hilly, you’ll find yourself discovering beautiful colours, and great architecture and culture while wandering through the Portuguese streets.

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