06 Jun 2022

Top Things to do In London in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

London has always been hot and happening in the scene of cool things to do. However, the capital has stepped it up for 2022 and there are so many fantastic new experiences newly available that you have to try out!

This guide will give you an ultimate run-through of the latest cool and unique experiences in London.

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Dopamine Land

A painting of orange and yellow with a swirly path of purple that a man cycles along.

Location: South Kensington

Firstly, Dopamine Land is a brand new multisensory immersive experience that aims to channel your inner child and turn it into reality. The exhibition is a chance to disconnect from stress and anxiety and become immersed in the colourful installations that inspire happiness and excitement.

Sounds cool right? You don’t want to wait around on this one as it’s being booked up super quick so get your tickets now!

Roof East

A photo of 3 happy ladies in a photo bathtub posing for a photo.

Location: Stratford

Secondly, going by the name of ‘The best rooftop bar in London’, Roof East does not disappoint. Essentially, it is a free-spirited rooftop playground for adults. Moreover, it boasts car park karaoke, crazy golf, quiz nights, archery, batting cages and has much more to offer. It reopens on April 14th so get excited about the comeback of this epic bar!

Upside Down House

A photo of the upside down house.

Location: White City

The Upside Down House is the UK’s first-ever inverted photo experience. The first upside-down house was opened in 2018 in Bournemouth and its popularity soon led to more houses opening around the country including London! 

The houses come with their own unique design and create the illusion of an upside-down house, what it says on the tin basically! It’s a great day out to take wacky and wonderful pictures, a great attraction for tourists and also a fun place for kids! 

Puppy Yoga

A very cute photo of a golden retriever puppy with a red colour on looking curious.

Location: Imperial Warf

Puppy Yoga is the ultimate yoga experience to destress and unwind with a combination of mindful yoga and puppy cuddles! Interaction with animals is proven to be extremely beneficial to our mental health and is very therapeutic. This is a fantastic experience not to be missed by puppy and yoga lovers alike!

Soul Cycle

A female spin class instructor shouting motivation into her microphone as she pushes herself on the bike.

Location: Oxford Circus

Talking of moving our bodies, why not head to an interactive spin class and get those endorphins flowing! Soul Cycle is a revolutionary spin class that advertises mind-altering fitness and offers classes that are ‘more than just a workout, they are soul’. It creates fun, immersive cardio to help you enjoy your workout and boasts a great community of instructors too.

Adams Plaza Bridge

A night time photo of adams plaza bridge from a distance in canary warf.

Location: Canary Warf

Adams Plaza Bridge offers a fabulous photo opportunity. It was created for the London Mural Festival in 2020 by Camille Walala. Her vision was to incorporate every aspect of the colour wheel with geometric shapes, creating an optical illusion. This attraction is free to visit!

James Bond Walking Tour

A lego feature of James Bond holding a gun through a james bond like swirly tunnel.

Finally, if you’re a fan of Bond films you’ll love this guided James Bond walking tour of London. Your tour guide will visit 10+ epic Bond locations that have been featured in the movies, including The Living Daylights, Die Another Day, Skyfall, Spectre and No Time To Die! 

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